We here at the DORD want to know just as you want to know what's gonna be the newest coolest name for the new political party that will take over and make everything all better.

Some person named "JD" suggests The Most Excellent Party (MEP)
We are for everything that is cool and we oppose everything that sucks.

If this website is like every other we've ever had that'll be the only suggestion.

So people of America, we hope you like your new party.

Click here to suggest a better one.


Oh wait, WAIT....it seems like we might have a new entry!




No it was just some cleverly worded spam. Sorry.




Wow, cool. I just wanted to see if anyone figured it out.

You win nothing but that satisfaction of knowing what you already know.




And now the infamous "JD" has come up with a new plan for the nation!

My plan is:

Mass simultaneous secession
Reformation with new state boundaries, some states eliminated (Do we REALLY need Rhode Island or Delaware?) and some new ones added.

(Personally I think we need to recombine Virginia and West Virginia. It would make WV seem a little less white-trashy, and would give a much needed slap to the back of the head of Virginia. -George)
Move the capital to a plot of land somewhere in New Braska and limit activity inside the zone to government. No businesses or residences.
Add the penalty clause to the
Bill Of Prohibitions. And Penalties in the re-constituted constitution
Re-name the Senate.
Add a quasi-judicial branch called the Great Hall Of Review And Repeal, where all proposed laws go for examination before being imposed, and where anyone can bring a constitutional challenge to any existing law.

Re-name the nation. I favor "Frunobulax," but that's just a personal opinion.













More from JD (we need to give this guy at job here at the DORD!)


Here's JD's plan for Prison scholarships:

When the Bad Guy is sentenced, his crime is published on the web.  He gets 30 days in the slammer courtesy of tax money
*. After that, it is up to various PRIVATE organizations, charities and individuals to provide his upkeep in the form of Prison Scholarships.  When the scholarship money runs out, the Bad Guy gets sprung.

Examples:  Dave is convicted of structuring (an obscure victimless financial crime).  Dave's sentence, a description of his crime and the law he was convicted of violating is published under New Felons and in the Structuring Database.  Joe Average has no interest whatsoever in locking people up for structuring, so Dave gets sprung in 30 days.

Or Kent gets popped with 29 grams of marijuana (a stupid victimless crime law). Kent's sentence, a description of his crime and the law he was convicted of violating is published under New Felons and in the Drug Possession Database.  Jane Average has no interest whatsoever in locking people up for marijuana possession, so Kent gets sprung in 30 days.

Jeff is convicted of mayhem, cannibalism, baby raping and multiple counts of murder one.  A description of his crimes and the laws he was convicted of violating are published under New Felons and in the Horrible Crimes Database.  Funds pour in from all over the world to keep Jeff in the slammer until the prison is compelled to put the extra money in the
30 day fund because it has more than enough to support Jeff for the rest of his life.

This way, "society" can speak very clearly on every conviction.


Here's JD's email address so you can write him and tell him how wrong/what a genius he is.

northgate76@gmail.com or ratnose@thatswaytoomuch.info

and if you feel like writing to a whole herd of people who agree with JD, write to us here: halebobb@halebobb.com



































































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